an Autechre and Dave Brubeck train wreck

Hollowed out and sunken like the Jack-o-lanterns still lying around in the middle of November. Rotting. Looking around with nervous eyes, there is nothing of value. Nothing to cash in on. It's a gamble and a stupid game. No promises in the house of missed opportunities. Spent all day yesterday painting walls yellow. It's never sunny anymore, so you have to fake it inside. Missed job interview rescheduled for tomorrow. Don't know who's the bigger fool. My wardrobe consists of denim mini skirts and v-neck t-shirts. Don't change on my account. Passive-aggressive motherfucker. I'll just keep my head down and my mouth shut and change the music on my iPod before I go back to work.

4:29 PM - Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017


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