For my Mom and Dad

“In Memory”

Too late to say
the words
maybe they were
best left unsaid
or they would have been
spoken aloud
sometimes the silence
is too loud
to bear alone

memories fall
like heavy snow
of the newly dead
white and clean
to start a new path
through the wilderness

the effort it takes
to walk where there
is no trail
should not be

there is never enough
time elapses
eclipses happen
between hearts
and the moon

but time is the
grand illusion
and we all know
deep down
there is life
beneath the soil
even when the ground
is frozen

patience is
a collect call
when called for
when decades turn

into moments
into mudslides
into smoke
and vapor
and all too soon
lessons learned
transfer from
room to room
metaphorically speaking
metamorphosis dreaming

chasing someone
in a tunnel maze
and ending up back
at yourself
and hearing yourself

now the best
thing to be done
in memory
is to do
all the things
you can no longer do
and all all the things
we always wanted to
before the last call for
the cosmic trip
comes up
for us
as it did
for you

and the sun sets
just as we get ready
to paint it
in permanence
a landscape
of another memory
of another life
on another day

we will
get to
wake up
and see
each other

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

3:12 PM - Tuesday, Feb. 06, 2018


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