Had a very vivid deja-vu moment yesterday. I stood up to go toward the basement to get the laundry out of the dryer and I knew I had done this many times in the past and that I would probably do this many times in the future. Wearing the same clothes. Having just watched a show I've seen many times before. The dark cold winter all around. A creepy “this is your life” feeling. Like the stylus skipped backward a year or two. Reminded me of the time warps I used to get from smoking Virola and rolling for days straight. Maybe it was a flashback.

Only, we just got a working dryer earlier this year. First time in ten years we've had that luxury. It's so very very nice to have. Makes laundry basically effortless compared to having to hang every single sock and linen on the lines downstairs (or in the good weather, carrying baskets of laundry up the stairs and outside to hang in the yard). Climbing the stairs in the basement feels like climbing out of a grave. And every little laundry clip is just one more thing making everything I do about a zillion times more difficult than what every other American has to do in order to do the same exact thing.

The bus was late today due to the slush and we missed our transfer because of it. We were screaming and waving our transfers at the bus driver while we were stuck at the light and he just stared at us as he drove on. Motherfucker. Like 30 more seconds would have thrown off his day. Had to wait downtown half an hour to catch a different bus. We asked the driver if he could drop us off on a corner instead of a stop and he said OK, but then gave us shit when we rang the bell. We had to walk about 6 blocks out of our way because it wasn't the route we needed. My husband wore sneakers and his feet got soaked. He needs new shoes.

The cab ride home was weird weird. The cabby acted like he was on camera and gave us trivia questions like it was cash cab. It was a fun distraction, but what a freak!

All the women in this town smell like they came out of Ms. Langford's House of Pleasure. It makes my skin crawl. I don't think I could do customer service anymore. All those petrochemical based products people douse themselves in would make me have a fit. I don't see how anyone is finding their correct mate when they cover up their pheromones with all that toxic shit. Maybe that is why divorce rates are so high. You switch brands of perfume and the magic's gone.

The sun sets at 4:32 PM here from December 4 through December 16. Then it goes back up to 4:33 PM. That's kind of weird.

4:44 PM - Monday, Dec. 11, 2017


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