end of days

There is this transition period. Between total light and total dark. It gets shorter as time goes by and by the time it's over you forget it ever existed. Good days followed by very bad days. Right now, things are getting better. Mostly. You can remember once you had this thing called hope. You wish you'd never heard of that stuff. It could make it easier to drown if you drilled holes in all the lifeboats. You'd go quicker. Reduce your suffering. Maybe it's more like flesh searing than souls drowning. Add black powder to a bonfire. Smells like burnt toast. Hardwired incorrectly. Tastes like sulfur. Ticking time bomb. What really frightens is that person you once knew is still in there. Trapped in or locked out? That person you once knew can be dangerous because he is in your fucking DNA now. Electrical zaps lead to electrical fire. The other person that's around is almost easier to deal with because you want him dead. You could claim it was an accident. There is this sickness that sits on the calm water like algae and coats everything it touches. Add disease to disease and you don't get a new summation. All you get is the same but a million times worse. If there is no good there is no bad. There is just vague confusion and dual commodities between two polar opposite bodies. When I'm up, he's down. When he's flying I am underground. There is this transition period that no one ever speaks of. It gets erased from the textbooks yet the big black void can be seen from big black space. People poke their fingers in it and get coated with this stain of denial that never comes out. Not even if you pre-treat it with blood in the superwash. That movie that everyone loves you've never seen. You want to see a love story that comes in at the end and shows two broken people forcing mis-shapen souls to fit together. They'd call it a drama when in reality it's a documentary. If you've seen it once, you never want to see it again. But you'll be forced to sit through it again anyway.

10:06 PM - Saturday, Jul. 14, 2018


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